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The closing of the Short Film Festival Novigrad 2022 will be marked by two award-winning films. During the three days of the festival, the audience will have the opportunity to vote for the best film, and at the end of the festival, two prizes will be awarded: the audience award for the best film in the international selection and the best film in the regional selection. The competition includes films that were made in the past two years and that were included in the Main Festival's Program.

In the Main Program, the audience will have the opportunity to watch only three shorts that were included in the selection thanks to the quality of the performance and the script, but due to the year they were created, they did not enter the competition for the award. That does not mean they are not worth mentioning, and therefore worth to single them out.



On the first day, the main program will feature the short feature film Paradise by directors duo MitjaLičen and Sonja Prosenc. The film, which was created in cooperation between Croatian and Slovenian productions, revolves around Ana and Lars' summer vacation on an Adriatic island. They seem to be in paradise until an unexpected encounter puts their relationship to the test and makes them question what they want from each other. The main roles are played by Judita Franković Brdar and Matej Puc. Paradise was the best short film at the 22nd Slovenian Film Festival, and at the K3 festival in Beljak in 2019, it received a special award from the jury. The film was shot by the Monoo production company in co-production with Wolfgang and Dolly from Croatia.



The film made by Iranian author Alireza Salehi, created in 2018, will be shown on Friday, September 16, in the main program of the second part of the evening.

Although "Identity" was submitted in the selection of animated films, it was given a place in the main program. Due to its intensive shots, masterful animation and thought-provoking theme, it is worthy of all praise.



Slice of Life is set in the "Blade Runner" world, and follows a small-time dealer who must collect money in one night to be able to travel from the Earth, which is in disintegration and on the brink of apocalypse, to a better, utopian life in space. But a corrupt policeman is on his trail and everything leads to the final clash...

If you haven't already guessed, it's an SF; probably the most impressive Croatian science fiction film and film in general. It's just unbelievable that a film like this was created almost entirely in a garage. This film is, so to speak, the festival's ace up a sleeve and a film you definitely don't want to miss. The opportunity to watch it will be on the second day of the festival, on Saturday in the main and family programs, and you will surely hear more about it. So be sure to follow us and expect morenews soon!

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